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A student with many interests.

Yashonandan Kakrania Headshot 2.jpg


As nerdy as it sounds, I have a passion of analyzing financial statements and completing case studies. A business student at Emory, I am passionate about combining my interest in business with film to potentially become a film producer. Previously, I founded Multitude Media, a production company, to help small businesses and NGOs with media consulting as they were in the pursuit to gain outreach. However, I am also highly interesting in working as a consultant, working with diverse companies to identify problems and brainstorm possible solutions.



Creative writing is one my latest interests. Given that I love films and other media, I often analyze them and provide my thoughts on an accessible platform. I am a Senior Staff Writer in the Arts and Entertainment Section of The Emory Wheel, a student publication, and you can find my work and opinions on their page. Other than the Wheel, I am also writing blogs about similar content on this website which you should check out.



Coming from a family of tennis enthusiasts, I have been playing the sport since the age of 4. My interest in tennis peaked in high school as I entered professional tournaments to improve my rank and gain money. My experiences in the sport has underscored the value of teamwork and persistence in success, whether on or off the court. Moreover, the game taught me to orient my mind towards overcoming struggles and keeping my head up.

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I love outdoor activities. I am PADI certified scuba diver, meaning that I am allowed to dive anywhere in the world with a buddy. I have explored the water of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Philippines. Aside from diving, I love hiking as I have trekked the mountains of Vaishno Devi, Stone Mountain at Atlanta and more. I am always up for an adventure because these are great bonding experiences with your cohort.

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