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Farzi: A story of the system breaking a middle class man

Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.

It is a sad reality that many people belonging to the middle class struggle with financial difficulties, limited power, and lack of opportunities. The problem of being trapped in a cycle of debt for prolonged periods can be particularly challenging to overcome. This can have long-lasting effects on individuals and their families, making it difficult for them to rise up the ranks and improve their financial situation.

“Farzi” released on Amazon Prime Video on February 10, and the show has had highly positive reactions. Sunny (Shahid Kapoor), a middle class man, faces pressure from all directions about his family’s debts. In an attempt to retain his house and printing business, Sunny joins organized crime with India’s most wanted so that he could alter India’s oppressive financial system. Meanwhile, Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) forms a task force to combat the billion-rupee counterfeiting business run by Mansoor Dalal (Kay Kay Menon).

The show’s realism helps it stand out among blockbuster productions in an increasingly popular gangster genre. The show portrays Sunny's transformation from a humble painter to a shrewd and confident counterfeiting monopolist. It highlights how the Indian financial system favors the wealthy, leaving those from middle-class backgrounds struggling to make ends meet. Sunny's family has been plagued by financial problems for generations, and he is the latest victim. The show effectively conveys Sunny's desperation to resort to criminal activities after understanding the reasons behind his father's actions. The show demonstrates how a history of poor decisions and financial struggles can compel individuals to engage in illegal activities to sustain their livelihood and earn quick money.

The show’s compelling and poignant storyline was only brought to fruition by the excellent cast performances. Shahid Kapoor’s flexibility from playing a soft, kind Aditya in “Jab we met” (2007) to short tempered, aggressive Kabir in Kabir Singh (2009) allowed him to create a smooth transition for his character, Sunny, from a passionate, low-key artist to a tyrannical, disorderly counterfeiter. Menon delivered a charismatic performance as the main antagonist, adding on to his list of greedy and commanding characters. The plot drives both actors to oppose the others’ emotions as Sunny and Mansoor battle to gain an upper hand over the other. Moreover, their prolonged battle elucidates how, in a battle between criminals, the vengeful reaction is emotionally powered and far superior than the initial move.

“Farzi” is destined to end up as one of the best Bollywood productions in 2023. The thriller will keep you on your feet, waiting to find out what will happen next. The first season ends on a cliffhanger and perfectly sets up the next one. One of my favorite shows, “Farzi” is an ode to the struggles of the common man and urge to act against the increasing bureaucracy.

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